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Finally… How Busy Executives Eliminate Belly Fat & Double Their Energy – Without Restrictive Diets Or Spending Their Life At The Gym

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Get The Fit Executive Blueprint Today For FREE

Finally… How Busy Executives Eliminate Belly Fat & Double Their Energy – Without Restrictive Diets Or Spending Their Life At The Gym

In this FREE book I’ll share with you the lessons and results from helping hundreds of executives to lose 4-8 pounds of belly fat per month in a sustainable, healthy, and fun way!

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Get The Exact Blueprint That Has Helped 100s of Executives To Lose 1000s of Pounds

What are other Executives saying about The Fit Executive Blueprint?

“My doctor classified me in the top 5% of fittest men in my age bracket”

Michael Jaeger, 55
VP @ International Engineering Company
From 276 lbs to 230 lbs at 6’2”

“I weigh less now than I have in the past 20 years”

Michael Walter, 59
Accounting Firm Owner
From 240lbs to 196lbs at 6’4”

“I have absolutely no more guilty feelings when it comes to food (…) If I want a piece of chocolate, I eat a piece of chocolate”

Katharina G., 42
General Manager at Recruiting Firm
From 194lbs to 170lbs at 5’8”


The Fit Executive Blueprint Has Already Helped So Many Executives Around The World – Are You Ready To Be The Next Success Story?

Here’s Some Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Book When You Grab Your FREE Copy Today:

  • The 4 problems with conventional diets and how to solve them using The Fit Executive Blueprint Method (p. 39).
  • Why exercise is NOT the right weight loss tool for busy executives and what you need to do instead (p. 41)
  • The REAL reasons why you should still exercise (HINT: It is not to burn calories) (p. 42)
  • Why you SHOULD eat carbs when you want to lose weight sustainably in today’s world (p. 44)
  • Why faster is NOT necessarily better when it comes to weight loss and what the right speed really is (p. 45)
  • ✅ Why you should NEVER cut out your favorite foods when you don’t want to fall victim to the infamous yoyo-effect (p. 46)
  • Why complexity can ruin your life and one of the most simple hacks ever to make it easy for you to lose weight (p. 52)
  • ✅ 2 almost magic mindset tricks that will instantly change your fitness game forever (p. 54)
  • The 8 exact tactics every executive needs to understand to keep the weight off peacefully after they’ve lost it (p. 58)
  • ✅ The secret to sustainable weight loss, the 3+1 underlying pillars, and the most common mistakes people make when losing weight (HINT: This has nothing to do with exercise or nutrition) (p. 62)
  • ✅ Why you are never too old to lose weight and get fit (p. 72)
  • ✅ The 6 critical boxes every fat loss program must check in order to work these days (p. 76)
  • Why the BMI is completely irrelevant to describe your health status and what 60 second test you need to take to find out where you really stand in terms of belly fat related health risk (p. 83)
  • ✅ Which 2 goals you need to set, exactly how to set them, and what common mistakes you need to avoid (p. 96)
  • ✅ Why willpower alone will fail you and what to do instead if you want to achieve your dream body (p. 103)
  • ✅ What the REAL price of achieving your goals is and how to make this cheap (p. 108)
  • ✅ The missing ingredient on your previous attempts to lose weight and live healthier (p. 113)
  • ✅ How to avoid tedious calorie counting and enjoy more freedom, clarity, and flexibility (even though, at the end, calories DO count) (p. 125)
  • ✅ How to invest your calorie budget wisely and why this is a skill you can MASTER just like investing money (p. 131)
  • ✅ The 80/20 Principle applied to weight loss and why perfectionism = self-sabotage (p. 132-135)
  • ✅ The ONE ingredient you definitely want to avoid at all costs (for health reasons, not for weight loss) (p. 135)
  • ✅ How to write an Action Plan that is custom-tailored to your preferences, your schedule, and your needs (p. 142-157)
  • ✅ The 3 Lifestyle Hacks to speed up fat loss by boosting your metabolism (and they will also double your energy) plus the most important things you need to know about them (p. 160-192)
  • And a whole lot more…

The book also includes Self-Assessments, Exercises, Example Downloads, And More to help you get started with The Fit Executive Blueprint Method today.

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Order Your Copy Today For FREE And Get These 5 Bonuses!


Our Original Fat Loss Tracking Sheet

One of the hardest aspects of losing weight can be uncertainty about your true progress.

The sad reality is most people who lose weight at some point think they’ve hit a plateau where the scale doesn’t move and they all too often lose their focus and motivation. 

This will never happen to you again from now on because you know your real numbers!

You’ll see at a glance your moving average weight, your measurements in the most important body parts, your estimated body fat percentage, and other biomarkers that show you if you’re on track or not. 

I’ll also reveal which free apps I use with our premium clients to make keeping track of their numbers a walk in the park – you’ll be surprised how easy this is…

(Total Value $49) FREE with your download today!


Our 123 Off-Scale Wins Cheatsheet

This cheatsheet will change your perspective on weight loss forever because the most beautiful victories have nothing to do with the number on the scale! 

Discover our collection of 123 weight loss wins that our clients have experienced over the years that have nothing to do with the number on your scale.

This list will be sure to put a smile on your face each time you reference it on your journey…

(Total Value $49) FREE with your download today!


The 5-Minute Recipes + Our Nutrition Guiding Principles

Effortless, speedy, and incredibly delicious – that’s the essence of our recipes.

In this part of your Free Bonus Section, you’ll get some tasty fat-burning dishes that you can try right away – no more hours of shopping and meal prepping. 

(Total Value $29) FREE with your download today!


Our Nutrition Traffic Light

Say goodbye to complicated food rules – let’s make healthy nutrition simple again!

The Nutrition Traffic Light is a visual directory, guiding you toward the foods that support sustainable fat loss while highlighting those you might want to avoid…

You’ll learn what the best options are for:

  • Veggies
  • Proteins
  • Fats
  • Carbs
  • Desserts
  • Alcoholic Beverages 
  • and more!

(Total Value $49) FREE with your download today!


The 20-Minute Bodyweight Blaster Fatburner Workout

„No Equipment, No Excuses“ is the motto for this follow along workout with Arne:

Say hello to an efficient, joint- and beginner-friendly, metabolism-boosting workout that you can do wherever you are – no matter if it’s in your living room or on your next business trip.

(Total Value $29) FREE with your download today!

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Your Questions… Answered!

Q: What is The Fit Executive Blueprint Method anyway?

A: Well, for starters, The Fit Executive Blueprint Method is not a supplement sale in disguise, but simply a unique step by step system for creating a bulletproof mindset and a fun nutrition that fits into your life – instead of trying to fit your life around a restrictive diet regime.

Unique, because, it’s not the typical “Never eat this, only eat that” approach. Instead, it enables you to build your diet around the foods you already love.

And, in case you’re wondering… yes, no matter if you are a workaholic who can’t cook and loves to eat out, and has never set a single foot in a gym before, you can still leverage The Fit Executive Blueprint Method for maximum results.

Q: I’ve already tried a bunch of stuff – how is the The Fit Executive Blueprint Method different?

A: Yeah, I  get it. Unlike the typical fad diet where you regain the weight you’ve lost right after, with The Fit Executive Blueprint Method you are actually having FUN while you lose weight so you don’t want to go back to your old life afterward. 

Instead, The Fit Executive Blueprint Method is a lifestyle change that from then on is your new “normal”. This is why it’s so sustainable.

Q:  Yeah but, what if it doesn’t work for me?

A: Listen, if you’re an executive, CEO, or entrepreneur who has tried everything and is still feeling stuck… 

Or who has spent years trying to live healthier and eat better… 

Who has bought other books, courses and programs, downloaded apps and bought every supplement under the sun… 

But you are still not where you want to be – I know how you feel. 

I did all that stuff too. Heck, I was struggling with yoyo-dieting for years until I met my own mentors (you’ll learn who they are inside the book)…

I want you to know I’ve got your back. You’ll know if this is for you or not within the first couple of pages. For most people, it “clicks” almost right away.

But I don’t want you to feel rushed. Read it, take notes, go through the bonuses and if it doesn’t help you, let me know and I’ll happily give you a full refund. And you can keep the book AND the bonuses. 

Ask yourself, would I really do that if I wasn’t super confident this will go down as one of the best investments you ever make?